COVID-19 Safety Measures:

Our Customer and Colleague Safety is very important to us.

We have been working very hard to ensure that we can re-open as safely as possible.

Some of the measures we have taken are as follows...

-We have installed screens between tables

-We have installed an automatic hand sanitising machine at the entrance to our pub, for all customers to use on arrival.

- We have removed a number of tables within the pub to help with social distancing.

- Our team will be wearing face shields to help protect our customers and colleagues.

- We have installed markers and signage throughout the pub to guide you around the premises. We’ll be adapting a one way system to the front of the bar area. Incorporating just one entrance and one exit in and out of the pub.

- We have Specific Drink Order Points at the bar which are highlighted with floor markings so you’ll know exactly where to stand to order a drink. (To help with social distancing)

- Our bar servery is screened to further protect our customers and colleagues when ordering drinks. For the time being there will be no standing at the bar, customers will have to move away from the bar once they have been served.

- We offer a ‘CONTACTLESS’ ordering system to customers who book a food table. You’ll be able to view our menu and place your order via your own personal mobile phone at the table. So no need to touch any menu’s. We’ll then deliver your order to the table once it’s been prepared. 
(You will not need to download any app in order to do this, it’s very straightforward and user friendly)

We’ll also be offering our traditional service too with one use, throw away menu’s for those who don’t wish to use their phone.


We’ve also re-decorated the place too! 

Call and Book a Table on 01270 666180. 

Or feel free to pop in for just a drink without booking.

We Look Forward To Seeing You Hopefully Soon.